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Accelerated Hyperstition Inc. The Musical (Vol 0)


Accelerated Hyperstition Inc. The Musical (Vol 0) is a kafkaesque musical comedy. In it the idea of misunderstandings as truths, the idealization and functional aim of the (w)hole, and closed feedback driven hypochondria are all realized as commodities in the pursuit of optimizing each one’s potentiality. Here we follow the workers S and Christine as they in a futile effort try to commercialize plot-holes, becoming one’s own Freudian slip, and déjà vus by proxy through succumbing to the idea of music as the ultimate realization of phenomenas transformation into becoming products.

A Musical by Fredrik Degrér

Liff Monica Thomsen
Bowy Goudkamp
Noemi Schrader
Selina Rom Andersen
Tanis Silke Degn Nielsen
Christian Stenbro
Hubert Karmiński

Scenography by Christofer Degrér


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