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Interrupted playback of a brass quintet and drum kit playing alongside a recording of a stunt plane played through a mick’d up Iphone; Snare drum; Campbell's Soup Can T-shirt; Sincerity; Splintered drumsticks

Dimensions variable



In Untitled an air-drummed performance of a song is constantly interrupted by itself as the performer ”plays” the piece wrong, and is then being played back from the beginning again. In negating the main feature of ”air” playing an instrument, that is to say that in ”air” playing one can instantly master an instrument, and thereby introducing the things own impossibility, the piece both introduces endlessness as well as an effort in approaching it. Something which is whole yet continues developing into itself.


In trying to accomplish ”playing” the song, what is being introduced is not so much an aesthetics or musical quality but instead an effort. In mimicking both a conviction as well as effort in accomplishing the piece, but all the time having to start over due to mistakes, what is being proposed in the piece is if the idea or at least image of sincerity can be communicated and believed in. In moving from the perceived ironic to the ridiculous and introducing effort and faked conviction can the act ultimately be seen as sincere? Because if one isn’t after what repetition inherently supplies but moreover what it alludes to shouldn’t there be something akin to desire beyond itself? In failing the unfailable in the same way as succeeding in the unsuccessable one has to succumb to romanticizing it, because how else can one understand impossibilities? In going through the effort of the impossible Untitled wishes for a realization of itself which is not yet what it is. Through romanticizing by way of being its own impossibility sincerity is proposed as something which potentially can stimulate an expression and create a desire for an unknown futural realization.


In the end the only way to end the piece is to introduce something which is outside itself yet through something which it already contains. The phone as the all-encompassing object that it is, has until this point only existed as an ”Ipod”, or as the playback source. But in showing another side of itself being that of a phone the final interruption of the concert is done by the Iphone getting a phone call.

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